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30th Anniversary Anthology

Deep in the Hearts of Texas

Journey through the joys of new love, the rocky road of reunited lovers, and the celebration of love that has stood the test of time.

Deep in the Hearts of Texas is a collection of stories as vast and varied as the Lone Star State itself and is sure to satisfy your craving for romance.

As part of NT's 30th anniversary celebration in 2013, the chapter sponsored another anthology, which included eleven short stories. It is a free download from SmashWords.

Featuring stories by: Gina Lee Nelson, Jen FitzGerald, Kary Rader, Christine Crocker, Lavender Daye, Arline Todd, Kym Roberts, Clover Autrey, C.A. Szarek, and Jeanne Guzman.

The Stories

Dive Into Love by Christine Crocker
The nerd of Central High, Mason Fortney, never thought Rodeo Queen Angela Harper would be interested in him. He’s shocked when twelve years after graduation she walks into his dive shop as beautiful, and to his mind, as unattainable as ever.

A Forever Kind of Love by Christine Crocker
CJ has had one too many broken engagements to suit his family. Likewise, Noelle has been stood up one too many times by her dead-beat boyfriend, Kyle.

In “A Forever Kind of Love”, Halloween, a cemetery, and meddling grandparents equal an unlikely recipe for love.

Dear John by Jen FitzGerald
After receiving a dozen letters from a small town elementary school teacher, a soldier travels to meet her face to face and convince her to begin a relationship with him.

Sophie's Choice by Arline Todd
The domed City in which Sophie lives is the last city in what was once the state of Texas before the Ice Age changed everything. Sophie escapes from the City to free herself of its rigid laws. Years later, when she returns to the outskirts of the City, she is captured and imprisoned to face a virtual death sentence. Daniel, the man she loves and left, still cares for her. But if he helps her, he will be guilty of treason, and no prisoner has ever escaped from the City. Will he find a way to save her and himself?

Blind Love by Kym Roberts
Minnesota business woman, Jessie Platte, has all she wants in life--thirty boutiques nationwide by her thirtieth birthday. But her friends think all work and no play chases the men away, and before long Jessie finds herself on a blind date with a man wearing the wrong kind of boots—cowboy boots.

Texas native Carlos Reid, is going to kill his best friend Bill—his blind date’s hair looks like it belongs on a creature straight out of one of Carlos’s nightmares, and her outfit? Holy cow, he’ll never survive the night.

Honor-bound, Carlos and Jessie decide to suffer through their blind date—at least until a fake bout of food poisoning can rescue one of them. But what they didn’t count on, were the horrors of fix-up hell turning into a dream come true.

Varsity Vanity by Kary Rader
Dumped by his cheerleader girlfriend, star quarterback Jake Matthews is going stag to his Senior Homecoming Dance. Dodging prying eyes and humiliation, he seeks his new target--the brainy Emily Williams. She'd single-handedly gotten him through Trig, making him eligible to play, but would she believe he wanted her for more than just her mind?

Fishing by Clover Autrey
Hot shot navel pilot Jake is tired of the groupies at the pilot bars, so he heads back home to Frankincense, Texas and his old fishing hole in order to gain quiet and perspective.

Quiet flies out of reach when stressed out lawyer Shelly shows up, seeking a little R & R for herself and not recognizing Jake, claims the fishing hole as her spot.

Enter Old Snagglesnout the monster fish they've been trying to catch since childhood, and Jake decides Old Snag isn't the only thing he wants to reel in.

Coffee Cravings by Lavender Daye
Chanci followed a friend and business partner to Galveston, eager to leave the cold northwest. A Houston native who started his law career in Boston, Will ended up in Galveston after a family scandal had him changing his specialty to prosecution. The local coffee shop brought them together. While the seasons changed, their feelings grew until their love and coffee kept them together.

The Contract by Jeanne Guzman
There are some contracts that are unbreakable, but when true love is the price, that's a good thing.

The Promise by C.A. Szarek
Bella is overjoyed to be spending senior prom with the boy she loves. She doesn't have much time left with Matt before he goes across country from Texas to Annapolis for college. Will he break her heart or sweep her off her feet?

Beautiful Freak by Gina Lee Nelson
A heated stare and she's mesmerized. A glimpse of grace and his thoughts are not his own. Like Romeo and Juliet, two teens from opposite sides of the tracks defy the odds and find love when their worlds collide.

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