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35th Anniversary Anthology

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Lone Star Love

Welcome to Dew Drop, Texas, the iced tea capital of Texas. This year's Iced Tea Festival is chock full of love.

To celebrate the organization's 35th anniversary, NT authors came together to write a continuity -- all stories take place in fictional Dew Drop, Texas, during the annual Iced Tea Festival. While each story focuses on different main characters, you might see familiar faces and places show up in each.

The first Iced Tea Festival happened in 1983 and was so successful, the town opted to continue the tradition.

Each year, during the second weekend in August, Thursday through Saturday, the town welcomes close to 10,000 visitors. We hope you'll join them.

Featuring stories by: Amanda Byrd (now writing as Amanda Reid), Carolyn Rae, Christine Crocker, Clover Autrey, Eva Jameson, Fenley Grant, Gena Ellington, Gina Lee Nelson, Jen FitzGerald, Marsha R. West, Linda Bolton, Risa Leigh, and Tammy Jo Burns.

The Stories

Age is no boundary when it comes to love.

Maggie and Sean are celebrating their twelfth anniversary and stop into Dewdrop to enjoy fireworks and the bed and breakfast. They share a bit of their story and show their age difference doesn't dampen their love for one another.

Clover Autrey, ALONE MALONE
She was the girl he never should have left…but did.

hen soap star Ty Harrington returns home, everyone believes he's there to win back the Homecoming Queen, not mousy awkward Malone. Did they even know each other in high school beyond geek tutoring the football hero?

When the winning bid isn’t enough, can love find a way?

The only man she ever loved rejected her when they needed each other most. Now that he’s back, can she set aside the betrayal for the promise of a future together?

Amanda Byrd, THE PROMISE
Some promises are just meant to be.

Cace left without a word then shows up four years later. Can Sunny forgive him long enough to understand why?

Amanda Byrd, TRUST
For Mina and Garrett, love wasn’t the problem.

Love is hard enough to keep fresh and alive in a marriage. But when there’s no trust…someone has to find a way.

Amanda Byrd, HOPE
When everyone thinks you’re crazy… You don’t hope to find love.

Lacy Flannigan followed disaster to thwart catastrophe. People around her thought she was crazy. It took a stranger to see the truth.

Christine Crocker, THE LOVE CURSE
Sometimes the dead keep on killing.

Small town girl, Merilee Porter, and cosmopolitan Englishman, Nigel Lawson are in love; until they run afoul of a vengeful spirit.

Christine Crocker, GIRL TROUBLE
Kisses, dares and memories reclaimed.

Sugar and spice and everything nice that’s what little girls are made of.’ But to ten year old A.J., girls like Angela are YUCK! Worse luck, his Mom and her Dad used to be an item.

Actions speak louder than words...or do they?

Dr. Henderickson of Dew Drop swings by the Brew House every morning for coffee from the owner, Allie Myers. When her friend, and top barista, has a medical  emergency, she steps in to help, but Dr. H has a different solution in mind.

Gena Ellington, MYSTERY MARINE
Who needs online dating when there are romance books at the library!

Josie Kincaid thinks she found the man of her dreams... at the library. They've been leaving letters to each other, hidden in books, but will he say yes when she pushes to meet face to face?

Jen FitzGerald, A BID FOR LOVE
How much would you pay for a chance at love?

My dad and Mr. Mateo like each other. A lot. For some reason, Dad thinks he and Mr. Mateo can't be boyfriends. I think it's because of me. But Dad deserves someone who cares about him and makes him smile, and Mr. Mateo does that. I did what had to be done.

Fenley Grant, WARRIOR
Does pie really fix everything?

Katrina Stone lost a lot in Afghanistan, but not her soul…or her mate. Finding her way home has been a long journey, but the final segment doesn’t have to be alone.

Former Navy SEAL Jasper “Jazz” DeGroot is evading his memories by escaping to an abandoned pecan farm outside of Dew Drop. But he’s also eluding the woman who made him feel too much. Then Suzie Quinn shows up on the anniversary of his losing his best friend in the Sandbox, and he’s overwhelmed with one emotion in particular – hope.

Moving on starts with one step.

Who knew finding love was as easy as going to breakfast? Dad, of course!

Gina Lee Nelson, MAN OF STEEL
Will their love stand the test of war?

Home from war, a tattered soldier finds a love that heals.

Lose a bakery…gain a hot fireman.

When Diedra’s bakery burns to the ground and her life should be over…will the search for the arsonist bring love to her door?

Love blossoms at any age. Can two retired military find love in Dew Drop?

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