Previous Carolyn Readers Choice Award Winners

2024 Winners
Historical Romance: Sinfully Wed by Kathleen Ayers
Romantic Suspense: Cold Snap by Toni Anderson
Specialized Romance: Leopold: The Lion's Den Series, Book 1 by Dania Voss
Contemporary Romance ~ Low Heat: The Baker's Batter by Jennifer Looft
Contemporary Romance ~ Mid/High Heat: Delayed by Jessica Jayne


2023 Winners
Historical Romance: Eloping With the Laird by Jeanine Englert
Romantic Suspense: Resolute Justice by Leslie Marshman
Specialized Romance: Hometown Pride by Philippa Lodge
Contemporary Romance ~ Low Heat: His Hometown Redemption by LeAnn Bristow
Contemporary Romance ~ Mid/High Heat: Wild at Heart by Stacy Gold


2022 Winners
Erotic Romance: Heatwave by Blaine Kistler
LGBTQ Romance: Investigating Helen by Benna Bos
Historical Romance: Spirit of the Winds by Judy Kentrus
Romantic Suspense: Serve ‘N’ Protect by Tee O’Fallon
Specialized Romance: Unwed, Unfed, and the Undead: A Love Story by Fenley Grant
Contemporary Romance: Red Velvet Crinkles and Christmas Sprinkles by Maria Imbalzano


2021 Winners
Erotic Romance: Beyond Regret by Barbara Nolan
Historical Romance: Felice by Kathleen Bittner Roth
Romantic Suspense: Crossroads by Dianna Wilkes
Specialized Romance: Witches, Werewolves, and War: A Love Story by Fenley Grant
Contemporary Romance: The Bartender’s Secret by Caro Carson


2020 Winners
Erotic Romance: Whiskey Surprises by Lauren Owens
Romantic Suspense: Perilous Pursuit by Kathleen Tailer
Historical Romance: Earl of Darby by Aubrey Wynne
Specialized Romance: Angel Fire by Marie Johnston
Contemporary Romance: Evening the Score by Lauren Owens


2019 Winners
Erotic Romance: No Going Back by Christie Adams
LGBTQ Romance: The Husband Gambit by L.A. Witt
Romantic Suspense: Federal Agent Under Fire by Julie Anne Lindsey
Historical Romance: Gift of Honor by Alexa Aston
Specialized Romance: Bewitching Breeze by K.M. Daughters
Contemporary Romance: Headlights, Dipsticks, & My Ex's Brother by Heather Novak


2018 Winners
Erotic Romance: At His Mercy by Shelly Bell
Romantic Suspense: Main Street by Dianna Wilkes
Historical Romance: The Highlander's Princess Bride by Vanessa Kelly
Specialized Romance: The Mortician's Daughter by Christie Craig
Contemporary Romance: The Color of Truth by Stacy Monson


2017 Winners
Erotic Romance: Pretty Wild Thing by Jeana E. Mann
Romantic Suspense: Forgotten Secrets by Robin Perini
Historical Romance: The Beast of Yorkshire by Tammy Jo Burns
Specialized Romance: Assassin's Kiss by Sharon Kay
Contemporary Romance: The All-Star Antes Up by Nancy Herkness
Series Action Adventure Romance: Armored Attraction by Janie Crouch


2016 Winners
Erotic Romance: Wicked Indulgence by Anne Lange
Romantic Suspense: Two Left Feet by Lori Lyn
Historical Romance: No Conventional Miss by Eleanor Webster
Specialized Romance: Inherit the Stars by Laurie Green
Contemporary Romance: Chance of a Lifetime by Marissa Clark


2015 Winners
Erotic Romance: Tempting Meredith by Samantha Ann King
Romantic Suspense: Secret Obsession by Robin Perini
Historical Romance: Wicked Designs by Lauren Smith
Specialized Romance: Haunting You by Viola Estrella
Inspirational Romance: The Last Truth by Leann Harris
Contemporary Romance: Southern Comforts by Nan Dixon


2014 Winners
Erotic Romance: Dark Fancy by Sabrina York
Romantic Suspense: Jeanne Guzman by Jeanne Guzman
Historical Romance: The Christmas Crossing by Bev Petterson
Specialized Romance: Sharon Kay by Sharon Kay
Inspirational Romance: Catherine's Pursuit by Lena Nelson Dooley
Contemporary Romance: Perfect Summer by Katie Graykowski
Series Action Adventure Romance: A Kiss to Die For by Gail Barrett
Main Stream with Romantic Elements: A Christmas Miracle by Sandy Loyd