NTRW Membership Dues Payment Portal

Your membership is good for one year from the date of payment.

If you are trying to renew, please use the PayPal invoice you were sent. If you did not receive an invoice and think it's time to renew, please login to your PayPal account first and look for the last time you paid NTRW/North Texas Romance Writers.

If you determine that you need to renew and have not received an invoice, please contact the Treasurer: treasurer AT ntrw DOT org -- all one word and change the capitalized words to the appropriate symbols.

Please note that per the IRS, dues are not deductible as a charitable expense but may be deducted as a business expense.

Membership Dues: $35 / one year

Please pay dues first and then fill out the Membership Application as the form asks for your PayPal transaction ID.